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Termites are insects that come under the taxonomic rank of the cockroach family. They are also known to be the ancestors of cockroaches. Generally, they feed on dead plant materials in the form of leaf litter, wood, animal dung, or soil. Do you know that termites have found their use in medical science and are used in many traditional medicines? The termite gut has inspired several research efforts aimed at replacing fossil fuels with cleaner, renewable energy sources.

However, the harm they can cause overnight is frightening. Termites are cryptic in nature, which means, they do not come out in open usually, making it difficult to inspect them. Termites can infest your furniture and cause huge property loss almost every year in Brisbane.

Zoom Pest Control is a leading Termite Pest Control Company in Brisbane. With our certified termite professionals, we attempt to achieve complete termite control and removal. Our pest treatment includes biodegradable chemical solutions that are safe for you and your family’s health, even pets. Our termite removal method provides you with complete eradication from unwanted termites.

Why choose us?

Zoom Pest Control has the technical qualified staff to manage your termite Infestation. Our termite treatment Brisbane team makes your surroundings hassle-free.

Nowadays there are a number of pest control service providers available. But, to hire the best among all who fulfill all your requirements along with providing excellent service in your budget, end your search here. Zoom Pest Control is a one-stop solution for all your termite pest control needs.

Our Specialities:

  • Certified: All our technicians are licensed and certified. We will demonstrate that your treatments are performed to the highest industry standard practices.
  • Affiliated Association: Our pest control company is accredited by Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. At Zoom Pest Control we ensure your services are provided by a qualified, insured, and trusted company.
  • Transparency: We maintain complete trustworthiness and transparency early on regarding the cost, level, and duration of treatment required. This makes us a more reliable pest control company.
  • Experience & expertise: We’re a well-established, recognized company offering peace of mind in the services provided and our relationship with customers. We are in this industry for 20+ years now.

Procedure for Termite Control in Brisbane:

  • If you spot the termites in your home, take quick action before the infestation widens.
  • Check for the movement of termites anywhere in your surrounding or at home, especially at night. An early inspection of termite infestation will prevent future problems.
  • Contact professionals like Zoom Pest Control for effective termite treatment in Brisbane service round the clock. All our experts are readily available to assist you to make your home termite-free.

Here are simple steps that make your home hassle-free from termites. But for that, you need to book our termite treatment services online. Within an hour our professionals will be arriving at your doorstep. We provide 24×7 customer support service for your convenience.

  • Our professional will come to inspect your place
  • He/ She will take all the necessary measures and safety precautions
  • Then, our experts will also recommend you with the best suitable service for your situation
  • Lastly, our staff will assist you on how to prevent and control termites to occur in future

Possible Threats and Damages Posed By Termites:

  • Termite damage is more severe than the damage caused due to fires, storms, etc.
  • If a termite infestation attacks anything made up of wood in your house like – walls, upholstery, furniture, showpieces, drawers, etc., then those things are likely to get damaged; resulting in money loss.
  • Termites can also cause several diseases. Due to this, they pose a continuous risk to the health of your family members, especially the kids who keep on moving here and there.
  • The cost of termite-related damages is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • They make the environment of your house unhygienic and can cause many diseases.
  • Termites also attack trees during the dry season. This leads to the loss of the farmers.

Difference between ants and termites:

Termites are light in colour. They are normally white in colour and can sometimes look quite glowing. The mouth section of a termite is thicker than that of an ant. Flying termites, as well as ants, have the same-looking wings. However, termites set are both the same size compared to an ant that has one set larger than the other.


1. Do termites eat wood?

Yes, termites eat wood and it results in wood getting recycled in the soil as humus and increasing the ability of the soil to hold water.

2. Is a termite treatment expensive?

To be very honest, termite treatment is a little expensive from others due to its long procedures and use of different techniques. But do not worry! Zoom Pest Control provides termite treatment at the best affordable prices. To avail of our cost-effective and best termite control in Brisbane, call us on +61480029376 immediately.

3. What to expect during a termite inspection in Brisbane?

At Zoom Pest Control, our termite protection Brisbane’s professionals check your property for signs of termites. We inspect especially for accessible timbers in your property’s interior, exterior, roof, subfloor, garden, and fences. We then provide a Termite Inspection Report which includes findings of the inaccessible high-risk areas, inspected areas, and recommended treatments.

4. How do I know there are termites at my place?

Several ways can help you identify that there are termites at your home or business. You might sight, to name a few, rotting timber, a mound, degraded wooden stumps, or a termite-infested tree stump. In order to source the colony of termites, you might want to find small wings, muddy-looking tubes, or termite droppings.

5. What entices termites in the house?

Termites are attracted to many parts of your home. Where parts of your property are wet, damp, moist, or humid, termites like to play there; or it is of a wooden structure and a garden with cellulose material. Make sure that your property is well ventilated, clear of wooden materials, and fully sealed.

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