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One of the major threat causing pests include silverfish, they are annoying & have weird feeding habits. Getting rid of such pests from your home is very crucial & the solution to it is silverfish control. Brisbane’s most affordable & excellent pest control services are delivered by Zoom Pest Control.

With Zoom Pest Controls trained & experienced technicians in treating pest infestation your silverfish problems will be gone forever. In order to protect your family & belongings from the havoc of pests availing professional service is decisive.

Silverfish control Brisbane

Silverfish are tiny creepy insects that are mostly active in the dark. These nocturnal creatures feed on paper & fabrics; hence silverfish infestation at home or office can lead to damage of important documents & upholstery. Worst part about silverfish infestation is that they cause substantial damage even before you figure out their existence in your home/office. Thereby proving that professional silverfish control in Brisbane is mandatory if you wish for a pest free home.

Demerits of silverfish infestation

Silverfish may be really small creatures but they cause huge damages if you have pest infestation in your home or office. Some major demerits of having a silverfish infestation are:

  • They forge in at night so they are difficult to locate & kill
  • They build nests closer to food thus contaminating food packages
  • They can easily survive in sealed food packages.
  • They feed on silk, paper, starchy food and thus damage documents, books, curtains, clothes & even food items
  • They are small in size do they can easily enter your home from anywhere
  • They stain material yellow by biting it and making holes into it
  • They can cause skin allergies & asthma
  • They are capable of scaling walls & causing cracks in floorings
  • They attract other pests thus making way for more harmful disease in your space.

Hiring professionals like Zoom Pest Control for pest treatment as soon as you notice silverfish or other pests is necessary for a safe & healthy home.

How to detect if you have silverfish infestation?

It is very important for you to determine the pest type so as to opt for professional silverfish control in Brisbane. Some common signs of silverfish infestation you should look for are:

  • Yellow stains on fabrics like curtains & sofa especially silk & cotton materials
  • Holes in fabrics, books & wallpapers indicate silverfish infestation
  • Half eaten food items & holes in sealed food packages
  • Moisture locks at home like under the sink or behind the bathtub are favorite silverfish spots
  • They also consume glue so regularly check spaces with glue, especially furniture with glue.

Process of silverfish control Brisbane

The process of silverfish control is tricky but with the techniques & tools we use it becomes easy & doable for our experienced team to eradicate silverfish from your home. The procedure of pest control is as follows:

  • Inspection- the team conducts careful inspection of the entire home/office for infestation. This helps them locate infestation; determine pest type, level of infestation, damage & possible entry spaces for pests.
  • Extermination- As per the factors above the team comes up with a plan of extermination. Chemical insolvents are applied or a fumigation method is used to completely eradicate silverfish hiding in every corner of your home.
  • Aftercare- once the extermination is done the team seals cracks in floorings or walls to prevent pests from entering and also sprays pest repellent sprays on all entry spots to prevent pests from coming in your home/office. They do a final check & guide you on after treatment care.

Preventive measures for silver fish control

Brisbane is a huge city and pest infestations are a common concern. Though pest treatments are long lasting & effective it is important to indulge in prevention. Some useful tips for pest prevention are:

  • Store food in air tight containers
  • Keep clothes & fabric properly in zippers packets
  • Use of mothballs can also prevent silverfish; but they smell of chemicals so be careful when you use them
  • Regular dusting & vacuuming of the house is necessary
  • Cleaning libraries & book shelves weekly is advised
  • Seal every possible crack in the building to keep pests away
  • Disposal of trash carefully & far from home is very important

Other pest control services we offer

Zoom Pest Control leads the market with exclusive pest control treatments that cover:

  • Ant control treatment
  • Spider & lizard control
  • Termites control treatment
  • Borer control treatment
  • Wasps & bees control treatment
  • Rodent control treatment
  • Moth control treatment
  • Flea & ticks control treatment
  • Bird netting
  • Dead animal removal etc

Zoom pest control has been serving reasonable, revolutionary & all-round pest control solutions all over the city. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our pest control treatment. For free inspection & timely silverfish control in Brisbane call us at 0480029376

Why us Zoom Pest Control?

  • Organic & mild pesticides are used in the process of silverfish control treatment
  • Tailor-made unique pest control services are made available to you
  • Our experts are experienced & trained timely for best pest control in Brisbane
  • The tools we use are updated as per industry standards & help us to achieve better results
  • Excellent pest control at affordable rates in Brisbane
  • Emergency & same day pest control treatment is provided on weekends & public holidays as well by our experts


How long is the process of silverfish control Brisbane?

It takes up to 2-3 hours for the process to be executed. The time required for the treatment also depends on the extent of infestation & customer requirements as well.

Can silverfish eat documents?

Indeed, they feed on silk, paper & starchy food items so they are likely to damage your books & other important paper documents

Do you provide pest control for tenants?

Yes we serve efficient end of lease pest control treatment as per your requirements.

I have a small retail outlet. Can I avail your services?

Yes no client is big or small for us; we can help you with timely pest control treatment at affordable rates.

Do we need to vacate the building for pest control?

Our team will inspect the entire space and instruct you to vacate if there is a need for it. They inform prior to the treatment & give you ample time to do so. So book a free inspection now.

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