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Flea Control Brisbane

Flea Control Brisbane

Fleas are small tiny insects and they do not bite humans. They only bite cats and dogs for their meals. They can cause irritation for human beings while they crawl on our skin. In size, the female fleas are bigger than their male counterparts. Fleas have spike-like legs, and hair that point backward. These bodily characteristics help them remain on the body of animals easily and also to fly from one victim to another. They infest rats and make them carriers of bubonic plague which is threatening for humans. Further, they also spread typhus in humans which is a flea-borne disease and can be fatal in the elderly and disabled people.

A flea infestation can become more of a trouble when you have pets living with you. An infestation of fleas is almost impossible to get rid of unless pest control is done. The pets become irritated because of the fleas and feel itchy is the easiest way to ascertain a flea infestation. The feeling of discomfort and the subsequent allergic reactions in pets is a certain source of worry for pet owners. The fleas multiply rapidly if left untreated. Hire Zoom Pest Control for quick intervention for Flea Control Brisbane in such situations. We have employed expert flea control specialists in Brisbane. They provide long-term solutions to households that keep getting infested with fleas.

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Ways to Prevent Indoor & Outdoor Fleas with Flea Control in Brisbane

Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, working on preventing a flea infestation is always easier than getting rid of fleas when there is a major infestation. Below listed are a few ways for effective Flea Control Brisbane:

  • Vacuum cleaning all the rooms in your house along with the carpets, rugs, cushions, couches where pets jump or lie, and other upholstered furniture from time to time is a must. Fleas do not like areas occupied by humans.
  • If your yard has grass, then keep the shrubs and grass to a minimal level. That will give less hiding place to the fleas. Also, make sure to always trim the tree branches that may give wild animals like racoons and feral cats (who carry fleas) an entry into your home.
  • Make sure to kill fleas and smaller insects with heat in all the places in the house that are infested by them.
  • Keep your pet’s fur clean, groomed, and trimmed at all times. Consult a veterinary doctor if your pet is showing signs of itching and scratchiness.
  • Keep the bedding, toys and food plates and bowls of your jar clean. Immerse them in hot water to kill the eggs of fleas breeding inside them.
  • Incinerate the gathered litter from the vacuum cleaner instead of just throwing it out with the other trash.
  • Brush your pet’s fur as soon as they come in the house after a stroll. That can help reduce the number of fleas that come into your house via the pet.
  • You can also use Insect Growth Regulator sprays and products for keeping eggs from hatching and kill existing eggs.
  • If all the above techniques prove ineffective then it is better to hire pest control professionals to help you get rid your house of flea infestation. Zoom Pest Control is a reliable pest control company that provides flea control services in Brisbane.

Get in touch the customer support at Zoom Pest Control on 0480029376 to help us know better about your flea problem and the possible control solutions for your Brisbane home.

Why Choose Us?

Zoom Pest Control has been in the pest control business since 10+ years. Expertise and experience in the industry has helped us gain the trust of our customers. We are proud to have a loyal set of customers who have bought us newer clients over the years. Our licensed flea control specialists provide help in immediate and effective pest control for handling flea infestations in households in Brisbane.

  • Our pest control specialists are equipped with biodegradable and ecologically safe products that do not cause any danger to your pets.
  • We function round the clock and hence are able to provide emergency pest control services to our clients across the length and breadth of Brisbane.
  • We provide free inspection of the property and that helps our pest control specialists to determine the best treatment and prevention services.
  • Our pest control services guarantee customers 100% work satisfaction
  • Our customer support team is proactive and extremely helpful in guiding customers thoroughly through the entire pest control process.

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Zoom Pest Control provides reliable and long-term solutions for dealing with flea infestations. Feel free to connect with us on 0480029376 for flea control details and a free inspection of your Brisbane property.


How can I reduce the number of fleas in and around my house?

Regular vacuuming of your furniture and other household items alongside trimming and keeping the garden bushes short are effective ways to keep fleas away from your house.

What diseases can be caused by fleas?

Typhus, bubonic plague, cat scratch disease, etc. are few diseases fleas are capable to spread.

What elements attract fleas?

They are attracted to light, heat, overgrown trees and plantations, etc. Get in touch with Zoom Pest Control if your house has been infested with fleas.

There are fleas in my dog’s fur. What should I do?

You need to take your dog to a veterinary immediately to help get it treated medically. Once, the dog is treated and free of fleas, then you can follow precautionary measures to keep your dog free of flea infestation.

Do you provide property inspection before we move into a new property?

Yes, Zoom Pest Control provides pre-inspection services to clients who are moving into a new property. That helps clients know the status or the extent of the pest infestation in the new property

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