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End Of Lease Pest Control Brisbane

End of lease pest control Brisbane

It is mandatory by law for any occupant of a society to leave the rented property in a spotless and organised condition. On the other hand, the landlords also renting their places need to provide the house on rent in a sanitized and clean condition. End of lease pest control is a mandatory part of the agreement for the renter to provide a clean property back to its original landlord. Also, in cases when occupants have had pets when they were occupying the property, then it is highly necessary to have an end of lease pest control Brisbane done before providing the property. It is an unpleasant situation for both parties where the outgoing residents have not done pest control and regular cleaning of the house and the owner is in a fix because of the house being ridden by pests. Submitting the property in a murky state is unethical and then the same house cannot be offered to any new tenants that is completely unjust for the new residents and the owning party.

We at, Zoom Pest Control deliver end of lease pest control Brisbane to property-owners and commercial space-owners. Our team of pest exterminators and specialists perform a comprehensive and all-inclusive inspection of the property for establishing any presence of damage done by various pests such as ants, termites, borer, cockroaches, lizards etc. If we find any signs of pest infestation our pest control experts use biological cleaning agents and equipment to rid the site of pest damage through and through. They also provide a receipt that authorizes that the end of lease pest control Brisbane has been done by us. This also helps you as commercial or resident owners to keep accounts for the company records. A professional pest service provider like Zoom Pest Control should be selected by tenants and landlords for the end of lease pest control Brisbane and inspection of the property. Get in touch with us today on 0480029376 as we are the appropriate individuals for executing this job correctly and making sure your property is spotless and sanitized again! Alternatively, you can also opt to fill in all your details in the service request form we have provided on our website. You would receive a call back soon from our end.

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Why choose us?

Zoom Pest Control has been catering to provide superior end-of-lease pest control services to Brisbane residents. Our hardworking team of pest control specialists and end of lease pest control specialists are available 24*7 for assisting the businesses and residences in Brisbane. We have been delivering top-class pest control and end of lease pest control facilities to you regardless of whether you are a landlord looking to rent your property or a tenant on the verge of moving into a new property in a new city or a country.

  • Zoom Pest Control is a certified and a completely insured pest control service provider providing superior pest extermination services in Australia.
  • The pest control products and chemicals required to be used in pest control operations are biodegradable and environment-friendly. They do not pose any harm to your pets or kids health.
  • Our pest control techniques and methods are in conformity to different health and standards made compulsory by Australian law.
  • We also provide same day pest control and end of lease pest control services also on an emergency basis.
  • In case you need the assistance of our customer support team they are available throughout the week along with the competent team of pest control experts. Our availability is there on weekends and public holidays also!
  • Our pest control technicians offer a complete assessment of your property and provide you with a detailed pest control plan to fulfil the elimination of the pest.


Is there any preparation that needs to be done before your pest control technicians arrive on my property for the end of the lease pest control Brisbane?

You only need to provide us prior admission to your property while making the payment. Shifting the valuable and heavy furniture and everyday use items is done by our efficient pest control team for your convenience.

 I have been told to evacuate my rental property in the coming month and the landlord has instructed me to get an end-of-lease pest control done. When can you do it for me?

Yes, Zoom Pest Control has been providing dependable and affordable end of lease pest control services. We operate in and around Brisbane with maximum customer comfort and minimum awkwardness for you. We also provide you with a completion certificate which would be proof of the pest control and fulfilment of disbursement of money in lieu of service.

What are the small habits that can help in keeping pests away from your property?

Get into the habit of vacuuming your beddings, upholstered furniture, floor, curtains and objects of daily use regularly. Also, make sure to move the machine under the gaps and distant areas once a week. If there are pets in the house then it is necessary to groom them and check them for ticks from time to time to safeguard them from contracting ticks, lice or any other pest infestations.

When is the correct time to book an appointment for my end-of-lease pest control?

The most appropriate time for hiring end of lease pest control Brisbane is when the agreement contract on the property is about to end or has already ended. Also, it is mandatory by law to get the end of least pest control done for your rental property before vacating it.

Is it necessary for me to be present on the property while end of lease pest control is being done by your pest controllers?

No, it is not necessary to be present on the property when the service is being executed. You can trust Zoom Pest Control technicians to provide dependable and long-term services for end of lease pest control Brisbane.

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