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Excessive damage to wood or things made from wood is often the sign of a borer infestation. Borers are known to cause unrecoverable damage to wood furniture, flooring, window frames, roofing timber, and so on. Our Brisbane’s borer control service is designed for thorough extermination of borers. At Zoom Pest Control, we use customisable pest control solutions for borers. It allows us to conduct effective borer control at both residential and commercial properties. Our experts find and deal with all borer escape holes on the wood. This helps us speed up the borer control process. Our borer control solutions restore the safe and pest-free environment of your property.

With our Brisbane’s borer control service, you can protect your wood furniture from permanent damages. Our experts have years of experience in dealing with borers at both homes and commercial establishments. If there is wood material at your property, you should always get pest control inspection service from time to time. It’s a great way to prevent the damages caused by both borers and termites. Our customisable solutions also enable us to provide emergency/same day borer control. These emergency services prove beneficial for busy households and commercial establishments.

Dangers Of Borer Infestation

  • Borer infestations cause permanent damages to your timber, leading to major loss of both time and money.
  • The quality of your wood furniture will be damaged if you have even a few borers at your property.
  • Borers can also damage bamboo wood or any wood with enough starch. These damages are usually noticed after they are everywhere.
  • Since most home windows, door frames, and flooring is made from wood, a borer infestation can lead to serious damages at your property.
  • If not dealt with in time, borers breed and turn into a full-grown infestation within a month.
  • Borers are also known to damage trees and shorten their lifespan. These pests can weaken any healthy tree within a few weeks.

Signs of Borer Infestation

At Zoom Pest Control, we always recommend pest prevention services to both home and business owners. It’s the only way to avoid the permanent damages caused by pests. And when it comes to borers, permanent damages are unavoidable. That’s why prevention services are more important for pests like borers. To get prevention services, you must know for sure that you have borers at your property. And these tips will help you out with that:

  • Buzzing and various other sounds are made by borers when they eat. If you keep hearing such noises, you may have a borer infestation.
  • Excessive rot inside or near wood holes is one of the signs of a major borer infestation.
  • If you notice any small holes or tunnels on your wood furniture/material, get it checked by pest control experts immediately.
  • Carpet holes are caused by many different pests including borers.
  • Excessive mould or fungus on your wood is one of the noticeable signs of a borer infestation.
  • Dead bores are easier to notice on the wood than the alive ones. They are round in shape and white.

Borer Control Process

Our pest treatment is always customised based on the latest development in pest control. This helps us ensure satisfactory results with all our borer control solutions. Our borer control service comes with commercial-grade equipment, advanced solutions, and certified pest control experts. Such services allow us to prevent further or permanent damages caused by borers. These services involve various steps and customised solutions. Here’s how we usually conduct borer control:

  • Our Brisbane’s borer control experts examine all the borer-infested areas of your property. This helps us understand the impact and causes of the infestation.
  • A proper inspection also allows us to customise the most suitable borer control solutions for your property.
  • Since borers can hide well, we use advanced methods and certified repellents to deal with them thoroughly.
  • We apply borer care liquid to your wood. This liquid can remove and prevent borers on any type of wood.
  • With Zoom Pest Control, you get eco-friendly and permanent solutions for borers. We achieve such results with customised solutions and post-treatment inspections.
  • After the treatment, we repair the damaged wood if required and restore it to its natural state.

Why Choose Us?

Zoom Pest Control is one of the top pest control and prevention companies in Australia. We provide comprehensive pest control services to homes and commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, office areas, shopping centres, and so on. Our services are recognised by many pest control experts in Brisbane. Borer control service by us is customised to prevent unrecoverable or further damages to your property. We can also provide permanent solutions for a termite infestation. With our services, you get various benefits for yourself and your property, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency/Same Day Borer Control
  • Professional Pest Control Company
  • Certified Pest Control Experts 
  • Post-treatment Inspection
  • Precautionary Inspection
  • Customisable Solutions
  • Eco-friendly Service
  • Fair Price Range
  • Free Quotes
  • 24/7 Service

With our borer control Brisbane, you can save a lot of money on new wood, window frames, flooring, and furniture replacement. We also make things more convenient for you with our emergency response teams. All you have to do is call and our experts come get to work right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to deal with borers?

At Zoom Pest Control, we believe the best way to deal with borers is with professional borer control solutions. It’s also the only way to ensure thorough borer removal from your property.

How to know if I have a borer infestation?

The early and easy-to-notice signs of borers are wood holes, carpet holes, mould and fungus on wood, and excessive rot on wood.

Can you deal with the borers in my trees?

Yes, our Brisbane’s borer control service is also available for trees. We understand borers can lessen the lifespan of trees. And thus, we provide eco-friendly and customised borer control solutions for trees.

Can you repair the wood holes caused by borers?

Yes, our services come with restoration solutions for wood damaged by borers. But if the wood holes are beyond repair, you may have to replace the wood, wood furniture, flooring, window frames, and so on.

Do you provide emergency borer control?

Yes, we do provide emergency/same day borer control service to both residential and commercial properties. Just give us a call and our experts will be at your doorstep within the hour.

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