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Bird nesting control Brisbane is one of the major issues home & office owners face these days. Birds seek out spaces to nest in your home or office and every nook and corner that can be a safe refuge is at their target. Bird nests not only cause nuisance but can potentially tarnish your image; therefore availing bird control at Zoom Pest Control is decisive.

Zoom Pest Control has been providing effective and humane bird control solutions to both commercial & domestic clients all over Brisbane. Birds may not be considered as pests but the havoc they cause is alike and hence should be controlled by necessary preventive measures.

Bird nesting control Brisbane

Bird nests are often admired unless they start becoming a problem. Their nets & droppings lead to bigger problems than you could think. These nest materials can block gas stoves, air vents, dryers, windows, gutters etc. Threats their droppings cause is whole another story. Bird control is extremely vital for the following reasons:

Threats of bird nests

  • Health risks- bird droppings are highly hazardous to both animals & humans. They can cause more than 60 air borne diseases and infect your immune system if they are stuck in your air duct.
  • Contamination of food- bird droppings in pantry, storehouse, kitchen of canteen or restaurants are likely to spread and outbreak of multiple diseases. Food contaminated by bird dropping is unsafe to be consumed.
  • Stains- Bird droppings are usually seen on cars & outdoors; they are highly acidic & can leave stains on your property & belongings.
  • Costs money- In order to clean the mess birds cause you will need to hire professionals who charge tons of money for the job. And this has to be done time & again.
  • Risk of accidents- Bird droppings is sticky and there is a risk of slipping over it. Seven such minute accidents can lead to fracture or coma. Hence bird nesting control in Brisbane is important; especially if you children are playing outdoors.
  • Bird mites- once birds leave their nest bird mites start developing in their nests. These mites do not feed on humans but their bite can cause skin allergies and itching.
  • Blocks drainage- the nesting material these birds often bring in can block drains & gutters outdoors. This can lead to sewage backflow or other water backflow from the toilet. Such incidents are terribly traumatic & cost lots of money for restoration.
  • Odor- the droppings also spread an unpleasant odor in your rooms that can create an unhealthy & awful atmosphere to work or live in
  • Clearly the wrecking chaos bird’s create cannot be overlooked. And if you are a businessman imagine how much time & money you will have to put in to this matter if you don’t take timely actions. Availing Zoom Pest Controls effective bird control services in Brisbane is necessary.

Professional help for bird control

Bird control all by yourself can be frustrating as it is energy & time consuming. Chasing the birds away is not going to restrict them from returning so no matter how much you try availing bird nesting control Brisbane is mandatory. Professionals have various strategies’ for bird control that workout fine. In fact they are well armed & experienced to perform the task with ease. Professional services have a long term effect. The longer you allow the birds to live there, the harder it will be for you to control them. But with Zoom Pest Control’s professionals bird control & nest removal is feasible & effortless.

Methods of bird nesting control

  • Brisbane is known for its charming vibe, in order to protect the zeal of the city & to give you a bird free environment our experts use several bird control techniques which are as follows:
  • Scare the birds- the best way to chase birds away is to scare them. Installing fake plastic predators like owls or noise machines can scare the birds. They would never build nests or lay eggs in a scary unpleasant space no matter how feasible it is. Our experts advise to change positions of plastic predators so they appear real to birds.
  • Bird netting or bird wires- Bird nets or bird wires help keep the intruders away, specifically from the garden area.  Bird nets are placed to trap birds and bird wire are placed across poles; this makes it difficult for birds to land forcing them to stay away for a long time.
  • Bird repellents- both gel & liquid repellents are used by our professionals at Zoom Pest Control to keep birds away. The gel/ liquid repellents are sprayed in bird prone areas; it irritates the birds keeping them away. It is easy to clean and is the most easy & effective bird control method.
  • Electric jolts- electric jolts are placed around your home/office building structure. The technicians make sure the current is of minimal bolt as the idea is to scare the birds away not kill them. This is a highly effective method of bird nesting control in Brisbane.
  • Slippery slope- Slippery sloping structures make it difficult for birds to hold a grip. Birds will not nest here as the nest is at risk of falling. After a few tries they fly away as they need safe space to build a nest.

Bird nest removal

Another important service that is delivered at Zoom Pest Control is bird nest removal. Even though bird control is important one cannot simply destroy nests in order to avert risks of bird nesting. Hence professional bird nest removal is necessary. Following points are to be considered in nest removal:

  • Nest should be removed before they are built or when they are in the process
  • Checking the nest for eggs is important, if eggs exist then there is no point in removing the nest as it can create an unsafe environment for eggs due to predators lurking outside.
  • Wait for the nesting season to end and then proceed with the removal so that no birds or eggs are harmed.
  • Zoom Pest Control provides timely & feasible bird nesting control Brisbane to home & office owners. If you are facing issues relating to bird nests it is time to avail our exceptional bird control services. For details & enquiries give us a call at 0480029376

Why us?

  • Only qualified & skilled team is sent for the bird control treatment so as to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • Our technicians are well armed with the latest tools & equipment required to help you give birds free space.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main motive hence we guarantee unmatched & quality results when it comes to bird nesting control.
  • Brisbane’s most cost effective bird control services are delivered by us right at your doorstep. No hidden charges.
  • Our skilled team is available for same day & emergency services. We serve on weekends & public holidays with the best bird control solution anywhere & anytime.


Do you also provide pest control services?

Yes, we serve all round pest control services all over Brisbane at most affordable rates.

Does your bird control cover woodpeckers?

We cover all kinds of birds under bird nesting control including woodpeckers. Just give us a call and we will provide a solution to your bird problems

Pigeons have often built nests in our home, is bird control really necessary?

Pigeon droppings can cause asthma, sinus, diarrhea & other harmful health risks. Considering the threats they bring in bird control is necessary.

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