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Hassle-free Bee Control in Brisbane

Bees play a crucial role in the pollination of flowers. However, a swarm of bees can be quite hard to handle. Applying DIY techniques to get rid of the infestation and the hive can be dangerous not just to you but to people or pets around you!

To safeguard the environment, protect your loved ones, and remove these insects from your property immediately without killing or harming them in any ways, for that professional bee’s control Brisbane services are a must.

Why choose Zoom Pest Control for Bees Control in Brisbane?

Our beekeepers take a good deal of protective measures to ensure the safety of both bees and your family. Here at Zoom Pest Control, we can deal with all kinds of beehives in commercial places as well as residential areas. We employ different tailored treatments to relocate bees and their beehives and to control or remove their invasion from your property. Our skilled technicians move them to a more suitable location.

Additionally, for the safe removal of bees and beehives, our professional beekeepers also ensure that they do not set up their nests near the same areas again in the future. Though we take all safety precautions to not harm bees, if the situation occurs that we experience an aggressive response from them, we would be having no option but to resort to fog treatment as the only possible course of action. We perform this technique to maintain the safety of the technicians and the residents nearby. After all, your safety is our priority.

Expert bees control Brisbane services are done usually at night time as honey bees are less active during that time. We use only herbal solutions and there is the use of absolutely 100% eco-friendly treatments. All our expert beekeepers are experienced and accredited as per industry standards. They are trained to provide one-time effective professional bees control Brisbane services.

  • Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures
  • Same/next day cockroach treatment service
  • Comprehensive prices, upfront quotes
  • Trained, certified, and experienced extermination specialists
  • Transparent, eco-friendly Bees Control Brisbane services
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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why is it beneficial to hire a professional beekeeper?

Bees are important for our ecosystem. Even though they are helpful for the environment, no property owner encourages beehives in their property as it can be dangerous for them. Bees, when threatened or triggered becomes aggressive, they bite badly and cause severe pain. Hence, people look for professional beekeepers and bees control Brisbane services. Zoom Pest Control, services a team of professional bee removers to get rid of them from your property and move them elsewhere in a friendly and environmental way. We are specialists in bee removal and have deep knowledge about the different species, their nature, and the best techniques to move them safely.

Our well-versed and certified experts deliver bees control in Brisbane within the promised time frame. Also, we ensure the safety of our customers as well as that of bees during the process of relocation. With more than 20 years of experience in both beekeeping and providing bees control services, we should be your first choice when it comes to dealing with these dangerous insects.

Contact our experts to get advice on keeping these pests away from your homes.

Thus if a swarm of bees has decided to rule your property for their hive, it’s time you give a call to professionals. For a free inspection and quote, call us today at 0480029376.

Some Bee Hive Removal Treatments:

  • Bee Proofing: In Bee proofing cracks and crevices are sealed that allow these pests to invade your property, and would want to build their home in. Typically, durable wood, metal, or mortar is used to seal up these cracks to avert them from eating through them.
  • Bee Repellents: In Bee Repellents, the experts use repellents to avert them from wanting to settle down on your property. We apply these repellents only to plants that bees will use for pollen. Additionally, the repellent does not jeopardize the health of you or your loved ones.


What type of bee nest should I expect inside my property?

Honey bees that are not native to Australia and Brisbane are most likely to be the ones nesting in your property. But, hiring a professional beekeeper in Brisbane to visit for an inspection could help accurately identify and devise control and removal of bees that guarantee reliable treatment.

How to identify whether there’s a bees infestation or not?

You can assume there’s an infestation when you start sighting cut grass and get a strange smell. Also, you start spotting a swarm buzzing around your home and property. You may also see them lying in the mulch heap in your backyard, which is a shred of clear evidence to hire professional bees control Brisbane services.

Can I remove a beehive myself?

On the web, you may find plenty of helpful information which guides you through the steps of different DIY bee removal methods. However, we strongly recommend you seek professional help. Bees can become aggressive in an attempt to safeguard their beehive. Female bees will severely sting you, causing severe pain.

How do I know what am I dealing with beehive or wasps nests?

Call Zoom’s pest controllers, we will help identify the insects for you, as they vary in their habits, behaviour, appearance, and other specific features. After its inspection, the method we undertake to remove a beehive is also different. Our professionals will advise you on the best removal methods depending on the type of infestation.

What types of bees can be found in Brisbane?

Some common types of bees found in Brisbane are Green Carpenter Bees, Stingless Bees, Yellow, and Black Carpenter Bees. If anytime you find an infestation of these bees on your property, call us directly on 0480029376.

What is the lifespan of bees?

Different types of bees live for a different number of weeks or years. For instance, the workers’ bees may live for around 5-6 weeks and queen bees may live up to 2-3 years.

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