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Bed bugs can disrupt your sleep and hamper your health. They are tiny in size and can hide within the bed holes and cracks. They harm your well-being by biting you on your arms, back, and shoulders. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate them at the earliest. They feed on blood that they suck while you sleep peacefully. Bed bugs are nocturnal and come out only at night. Their bites may cause swelling, inflammation, and itching.

Bed bugs are not easy to spot, owing to their tiny size. Plus, they multiply rapidly, spreading quickly throughout the house. Further, people come to know about the infestation only after they have attacked you or after they notice a blood stain on the sheets. Hire a professional pest control to remove bed bugs from your property.

Zoom Pest Control offers exceptional bed bugs control service in Brisbane at an affordable price. Plus, we even provide sanitisation and disinfection services to control future pest infestation.

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The first and crucial step of getting rid of bed bugs is identifying the signs of bed bug infestation at the earliest. Never ignore the bed bug bites or the sight of bed bugs. Unattended bed bug infestation can severely impact the well-being and the environment. Ensure that bedsheets and mattresses are cleaned at regular intervals. Dirty or unclean mattresses attract bed bugs and other pests such as dust mites. Hire a professional bed bug controller if you notice any signs of bed bugs on your property. Plus, you can use commercial bed bug products if the infestation is not out of control.

Possible Threats and Damages Caused by Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs may not cause life-threatening diseases but can cause discomfort and several health issues, such as:

  • The most common problem caused by bed bugs is not getting a good sleep. If you are constantly bitten or are afraid of being bitten by bed bugs, then obviously sleep is far from being with you.
  • They can cause allergic reactions in some people. Plus, you may become hypersensitive and cause life-threatening anaphylactic shocks.
  • Bed bugs scratch to take the blood, increasing the risk of infection. Plus, if you are in hotels, dormitories, or inns, you expose yourself to the risk of getting infected by someone else’s blood the bug has bitten before you.
  • Sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on your well-being and can cause stress and depression.
  • Due to stress, lack of sleep, and depression the person’s immune system is compromised.
  • It can turn into an embarrassing situation if your guests stop visiting you because of the bed bug infestation.
  • Bed bugs usually hide under the mattress, bed sheets, cracks, and holes in the bed. They come out when it is dark. Moreover, they stay hidden for a long time, making it difficult to eradicate the infestation.

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Ways To Identify Bed Bug Infestation 

  • Skin welts and bite marks that cause itching – If you notice bite marks on several places on the body, then immediately hire a professional pest controller. Zoom Pest Control offers affordable bed bugs control service in Brisbane and its surroundings.
  • Blood stains on mattresses, bedsheets, and walls – Bed bugs swell after feasting on the blood. If accidentally squeezed or crushed under the body, they leave blood stains.
  • Tiny eggs, eggshells, and pale-yellow nymph skin shed – Search for adults and nymph-sized bed bugs on the bed, mattress, and bedsheets.
  • Bed bug droppings cause dark spots on the bed – These dark spots are tiny and are one of the signs of bed bug infestation.

How does a bed bug infestation occur?

Bed bugs enter the house through furniture, clothes, backpacks, bags that you carry to other places. If you have been to the movie theatre that is infested by bed bugs, then you may carry them back to home. Plus, if you ride in public transport or bus, bed bugs may stick to your clothes and enter the house.

It is essential to sanitise your belongings after a long public ride or after traveling on a public ride, or after a holiday. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that the bed bugs do not enter the house or get a chance to spread.

Do Not Let Bed Bugs Bite You! Call Our Expert Bed Bugs Control Brisbane Team

Though bed bugs are tiny, their bites can be very annoying and painful. They bite in sleep and affect your sleep quality. Further, they cause several illnesses such as sleep deprivation, itching, skin rash, skin infection, and more. Some people get small bite marks on the body, while few get large itchy welts. So, do not let the bed bugs affect your well-being, hire us today!

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Is it possible to get rid of the bed bugs?

To remove bed bugs from your house, you need to call a professional pest controller. Contact Zoom Pest Control for affordable bed bugs control service.

Where do bed bugs stay in the house?

Generally, bed bugs are found in beds, mattresses, bedsheets, sofas, chairs, cushions, behind photo frames, etc.

Why is it difficult to remove bed bugs?

Bed bugs are experts in hiding and can hide in a place for months. Plus, they multiply rapidly, making it even more difficult to eradicate.

Are bed bug bites lethal?

No, bedbug bites are not deadly. If bitten, please seek medical attention to prevent any allergy.

Do bed bugs cause harm to humans?

Bed bugs can cause itching and inflammation in the place of the bite. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional bed bugs control Brisbane company to remove them.

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