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Due to their small size, the presence of ants is rarely noticed until it turns into a full-grown infestation. Our Brisbane’s ant control service is designed to prevent and deal with such infestations. At Zoom Pest Control, we have a team of experts with a great understanding of various ant species. This helps us customise the most effective ant control solutions for residential or commercial properties. Our ant control methods are approved and recommended by top pest control experts. This ensures the thorough removal of any ant species from your property.

Like most pests, ants do not pose any serious danger to you or your property. But red ants do bite humans and cause a lot of pain. Bites from a group of fire ants can cause anaphylaxis reactions in many people. Besides this, the first thing ants come after in your home is food. Some or more food contamination is always a possibility if you have an ant infestation. With Zoom Pest Control, you can prevent such incidents and free your property from ants in no time. Our team has quick, effective, and long-lasting pest control solutions for all ant species.

When it comes to commercial properties, ant infestation causes more damage than just food contamination and painful bites. Ant infestation at a commercial property is a sign of a poorly maintained and unhygienic indoor environment. This may damage the reputation of your business and brand. Besides that, ants can also cause discomfort for your employees, customers, and clients. In short, ant infestations in a place of business will cause a major loss of both money and time.

Ant Control Brisbane

At Zoom Pest Control, we use advanced methods/equipment to find and deal with ant nests. Since dealing with ant nests deals with most of the infestation, it speeds up the process of ant control. At residential properties, ants usually create nests around the house or inside rarely visited areas of your house. Without the right expertise or equipment, it’s not always easy to find all the nests. Our Brisbane’s ant control experts keep an eye on carpenter ants to find the nests. These ants always move around and eventually head towards the nests. Once the nests are found, we customise the most suitable ant control solutions for your property.

  • With our ant control Brisbane, you get both predetermined and customised solutions for ants. This helps us ensure satisfactory results with all our ant control solutions. Whether it’s a home or commercial establishment, here’s how we usually conduct the ant control process:
  • Our experts examine every area of your property to learn about the impact and causes of ant infestation.
  • An inspection also helps us choose the most effective ant control solutions for your property.
  • We find and deal with all the points of entries that provide ants with easy access to food items or water in your home.
  • During ant control Brisbane, our methods involve pesticides, anti-repellent sprays, ant hooks, washing powder, and so on.
  • We often use ant hooks as it is one of the most effective ways to deal with ants. These sugar-flavoured baits attract and trap all ants inside or near your property.
  • After the treatment, we help you safeguard your property from further ant infestations.

How to Prevent a Major Ant Infestation?

  • Ants travel both during the day and at night. Since they travel in groups, it’s easy to notice them and stop their spread.
  • The kitchen is often the first target of ants, so any ants in there is a sign of an infestation. Get professional help to deal with such infestations.
  • Ants leave their secretion behind during travel to show the path to other ants. This will help you find their nests and stop the infestation before it begins.
  • Ant nests at homes are usually found in basements, wall cracks, or the backyard. Check these areas and see if you can find the nests.
  • Since ant nest is just a pile of mud in the shape of a small mountain, it’s easy to find but not safe to remove without professional help.
  • Store your water, food, and especially sugar in places where ants do not have access to it. It’s one of the easiest ways to prevent ant infestations.

Why Choose Us?

Zoom Pest Control is a widely recognised pest control and prevention company in Australia. We provide advanced pest control services to both residential and commercial properties. Our services are available for various pests like cockroaches, rats, termites, bedbugs, fleas, wasps, and so on.

These customised services have proved beneficial for many pest-infested homes in Brisbane. Ant control service by us is designed to remove all species of ants from your property. Our termite control solutions are also appreciated by many residents of Brisbane. Here are some other benefits you can expect from our services:

  • Professional Pest Control Company
  • Emergency/Same Day Ant Control
  • Customisable Solutions
  • Eco-friendly Service
  • Certified Experts
  • Fair Price Range
  • Free Quotes
  • 24/7 Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a permanent solution for ants?

The regular use of ant repellent sprays for at least a month can permanently remove ants from any property. If it doesn’t work for your property, Zoom Pest Control is always just a call away from you.

Do I always need professional help for ant removal?

Certain ant species like the Argentine are not easy to deal with and keep coming back after treatment, especially if DIY methods are used to remove them. As Brisbane’s ant control experts, we strongly advise everyone to get professional help for safe, effective, and thorough ant removal.

How do I protect my kitchen from ants?

Always keep your food, water, and more importantly, sugar in places where it is not easily accessible to ants. It’s the best and easiest way to prevent ants in the kitchen.

What’s the duration of ant treatment? 

The duration of the ant treatment depends on the impact of the infestation and the requirements of your property. We can only know all this once we have thoroughly examined your property.

Is your ant control service available on public holidays?

Yes, our ant control service is available on both weekends and public holidays.

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